RTI: Tier I Follow-Up

The expectations placed upon teachers increase with every passing day. These expectations include committee, staff and team meetings, parent teacher conferences, completing of report cards, behavior forms, Office Discipline Referrals, academic forms, paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork.

Within my current school district, we have implemented a new Tier I and Tier II RTI process. Part of this process consists of forms that are completed on every students that receives any Tier I intervention. These forms have been added to the plate of….you guessed it, TEACHERS!

These forms are time consuming to complete. Many teachers have requested a flow-chart to help guide in the completing the forms. Attached is the flow-chart for the Tier 1 RTI process and forms. While constructing the flow-chart it seemed that a glossary of terms would assist in understanding RTI terms which are part of the forms. With these two documents, I hope to decrease the time teachers spend on completing the Tier I forms. Yes, this is another form, but it clarifies the steps in a straightforward fashion (rather than the paragraph explanations found on the Tier I forms).

Please feel free to use the RTI flow-chart and the glossary of terms (these pertain to the RTI Tier I process within my school district only). If you think of something that would make this process easier, let me know.



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