Questioning the Questions


Last Friday’s presentation on Close Reading provided some information pertaining to Close Reading and Text-Dependent questions. As the presenter went through information, I kept asking myself questions about his method for preparing these types of questions. Why is his method such a process? Why do I need to answer questions to write question? Now that we know about Text-Dependent questions, why does’t he share a less time consuming way to prepare them?

After reflecting on these questions, I am giving the presenter the benefit of the doubt! He just didn’t have enough time to explain a less time-consuming way to write Text-Dependent questions! He presented valuable information that enable us to see the big picture of Text-Dependent questions.

As an educator, I know it is important to understand and have experience with the process of completing the Text-Dependent question forms. The forms take us through a process to write questions that are texted focused (words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs and connections between multiple parts) and questions that are aligned with Close Reading skills (ideas and details, craft and structure, and integrations of ideas and knowledge).  But in all honesty, I am not going to pull those sheets out each time I want to ask a Text-Dependent question.

After reading through multiple resources on Text-Dependent questions, I have focused my thoughts around two points. These two points provide me with enough guidance to write questions without forms and to formulate questions on the “run”.

When preparing text-dependent question I remember these two points:

1. Start small with “right there” questions and move into “think and search” questions.

2. Write questions that ask about what the text says, how the text works, and what the text means.

Even though, I have focused myself to two points, I know it will be important to periodically go back and review the forms for generating Text-Dependent questions in oder to not forget the big picture!

One last thing!  Attached are two documents that contain helpful Text-Dependent question starters.




4 thoughts on “Questioning the Questions

  1. The resources you attached were excellent! Thank you.

  2. This is so *helpful*! Susan

  3. Hi Anna, I hope you don’t mind, but I shared your blog with the entire school! It is SO good! I haven’t had much time lately to get in touch with you. Did you go to the NERD camp at Waynfleet? I didn’t get there. Too much going on!

    I LOVED the picture of Liam in his Irish tam! He is SO handsome and such a good little guy. Really miss you! Keep in touch! Hugs!

    Deborah L. Farrar Title 1 Literacy/Reading Recovery Teacher Songo Locks School

    • readingbassett

      Glad you are enjoying the blog and happy that you shared! Please let me know if there are any topics that you or others want to read about.
      I didn’t get to Waynfleet 😦 Maybe next year. Take care!

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